Common Car Suspension Problems

Common Car Suspension Problems

by Peter Haacke | Feb 3, 2017 | car suspension

Is your car in jeopardy and putting you at risk because of suspension problems? Don’t worry we offer suspension service at our service bays. We know how important your safety is not only to you but to your loved ones too. You need to keep your entire system in good shape to avoid recurring problems. Suspension systems don’t just get damaged at once, they do so with time. Such things as steering control and ineffective breaking among other factors contributing to the damage.

What factors may contribute to malfunctioning of the suspension system?

When it comes to malfunctioning of your car’s suspension system, several factors may be termed as major reasons but first what makes up the entire suspension system?

  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Anti-roll balls
  • Control arms

When the above mentioned parts stop working efficiently that is when your vehicle’s suspension system is said to have failed. The parts can be damaged when you repeatedly drive your vehicle on rough terrain, snow or dirt.

Apart from driving your car through all sorts of rough terrain and rail roads the following may also spoil your suspension system.

DO NOT NEGLECT your car brake system and leave it to our expert hands.

Poor Wheel Alignment

Wheel-alignment is very prime when it comes to the suspension of your car. If you don’t the steering wheel will hardly be centered making it impossible to move in a straight manner wearing your tires quickly. Potholes can mal-align the wheels. Make sure to not only fix the tire but the control arms and other parts important for the suspension system.

Worn out shock-absorbers

When you notice more bouncing even when you hit a small pothole just know that your absorbers have been completely worn out.

How good are your Springs?

Damaged springs can be noticed from afar. Damaged springs sag or break. They make the car uneven even when on a level ground. The height on one side is lower than on the opposite side. Clunking noise over bumps and potholes is another indication that your springs are sagging or have already been broken.

Is the Steering connected well to the Control Arms?

Control arms play the role of connecting the steering wheel to the wheels. A control wheel that was not well fixed will result to problems in the suspension. It will make it impossible to move in a straight path for the steering can barely take charge of the wheels. The arm also contains shock absorbers which play a crucial part. They are made of either rubber or metal. When they wear they make it so hard to ride and handle the car making the tires wear quickly leading to the general problem of suspension.

Ball Joints

The parts are small but very pivotal to the suspension of a vehicle. They attach the suspension arm to the wheels. They also absorb some shock from the vertical movement of the wheels and enhance the circular movement when the steering wheel angle changes. The only way to know they need to be replaced is when you hear them squeak when you are negotiating a corner.

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