Brakes & ABS

Our team of mechanics specialize in fixing brakes and ABS. Whether you have a luxury car or a SUV we can help you with your car repair. Come talk to us, or give us a call.

Mississauga Car Brake Repair and ABS Services

We have experience. We have been in business over 31 years in Mississauga. We have thousands of repeat customers who trust us to help them with their vehicle. From motor cycles, vans, trucks to sedan’s and convertibles – we’ve done them all.

We’ve worked with every car brand possible.

Specialized Equipment to Fix Car Brakes

Fixing brakes requires both experience, and education. Our mechanics have all taken formal education, and apprenticeship. We make sure that we are always using the best staff and equipment possible. Our equipment are all from Grade A suppliers and are certified to fixing your vehicle’s brakes

We can cover all parts of your brakes and ABS Systems

Our brake maintenance service covers all the important areas of the system, and we have the special equipment for rectification of discs, change of tablets, change of ballads and rectified of drums.

We have the largest inventory of supplies from the best brands that they include: tablets, ballads, bombs, discs, drums, gags, wharves and other necessary elements to attend to every request of our clients.

DO NOT NEGLECT your car brake system and leave it to our expert hands.

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